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Enabling Multi-Gigabit Residential and Enterprise Services in the Last Mile Using 5G Wireless Hossam H’mimy, Ph.D 2016 Download
VOD Everywhere! Considerations in Transport Methods for Scalable VOD/SVOD Deployment Jason Shreeram 2002 Download
Leveraging IP Multicast and ABR Technologies for Delivery of Linear Services on Cable Networks Sangeeta Ramakrishnan, John Bevilacqua 2015 Download
The Storm before the CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation): Quieting Loud Commercials in the Cable Environment Steve Liu 2011 Download
Motivation and Architecture for the Interconnection of Content Delivery Networks Richard Woundy, Weidong Mao, Yiu L. Lee, Carl Williams 2011 Download
Building a PacketCable Network: A Comprehensive Design for the Delivery of VoIP Services David McIntosh 2002 Download
Looming Challenges and Potential Solutions for Future Distributed CCAP Architecture Systems Tom Cloonan, Tony Cotter, Greg Cyr, Mike Emmendorfer, Steve Foley, Jeff Howe, Anand KamarGoenka, Steve Krapp, John Ulm 2015 Download
The Spectral Efficiency of DOCSIS 3.1 Systems Ayham Al-Banna, Tom Cloonan 2014 Download
High Speed Data Service Architecture and Operation Andrew Ho, Albert J. Kim 2003 Download
Taking Video Services to the Next Level of Network Reliability and Revenue Assurance Mark Davis 2003 Download
CREATING THE NETWORKED HOME Kuldip Johal 2022 Download
DOCSIS 3.1 - Working Towards Deployment Jorge D. Salinger 2015 Download
Prepare your team for New Product Deployment Rich LaPat 2003 Download
Putting a Box Around Wi-Fi Performance Characterizing Performance and Setting Expectations Carole Ansley 2016 Download
Consolidating Advanced Services and On Demand Content with GbE over 10 Gbps DWDM Martin C. Nuss 2003 Download
Aboard the Technology Wave: Surf Conditions Report Robert Howald 2016 Download
HFC Transformation to FTTP: The Role of RFoG, PON and Hybrid Solutions John Ulm, Venk Mutalik 2015 Download
Open Access Technologies and MPLS-VPNs Joel T. McKelvey 2002 Download
OSS Requirements for Efficient Delivery of Multiple Advanced Services for MSOs Today and their Future Scott Shupe 2003 Download
Wireless DOCSIS Cable Extension Practical Considerations Dan Castellano 2004 Download