MicroLessons are short, focused learning segments made available only to our members. Our learner-centric, just-in-time training is available on multiple devices, easily accessible and meant for you to be able to apply to your job immediately.

Our MicroLessons include — but are not limited to — Primers, MicroLearnings, and LightningMods®. Complimentary as part of your SCTE membership.

MicroLessons are intended to serve several purposes:

  • Expand knowledge of a Technology, Process or Program
  • Serve as a Technical Refresher
  • Prep for SCTE Certifications
  • Aid in Individual Development

The following video shows you how to access the 2021 MicroLessons library:

Active Training Screen from SCTE.org

New members will receive access to the Member Microlessons training portal within 24 hours of signing up for a membership. Interested in becoming a member


LightningMods are part of our CORTEX® VirtuLearn® training platform. A revolutionary, interactive, multisensory MicroLesson that engages the brain to make learning stick! In as little as 10 minutes, learners get a clear and concise overview of a topic, framing objectives in context that learners understand. SCTE has numerous LightningMods and is currently offering the following three as sample content for members only:

  • What is Fiber Deep?
  • What is EPON?
  • Introduction to DOCSIS 3.1 Installation

Learn more about LightningMods


SCTE Primers answer the question “what is” in less than 2 minutes. Topics include:

  • What is 5G?
  • What is R-PHY (DAA)?
  • What is Full Duplex DOCSIS®?


MicroLearnings are short, focused modules that meet a specific learning outcome in approximately 2-5 minutes. SCTE MicroLearnings include both technical and leadership development content. Topics include:

Career Development MicroLessons

  • Career Advancement
  • Learning Preferences
  • Benefits of Professional Certification

Technical MicroLessons

  • 10G Explained
  • Bonding and Grounding
  • What is Wi-Fi?