Profit Through Interoperability. The SCTE Standards program is the only ANSI-accredited platform for developing technical specifications supporting cable telecommunications. 

  • Expert members drive specifications and operational practices that allow products to be interchangeable and interoperable, thus accelerating the deployment of products and technologies in an ever-changing broadband landscape. 
  • Provide input and expertise on new, developing, and existing standards such as Internet of Things (IoT), energy microgrids, proactive network maintenance (PNM), interoperable node and amplifier platforms, spectrum expansion to 3 GHz, next-generation video technology, and distributed architectures. 
  • Participants gain industry credibility, influence, and career development opportunities. 

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All documents are consensus developed and SCTE Engineering Committee approved SCTE standards. Many of these standards have been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and are so designated.

Electronic copies of approved SCTE standards are complimentary and available free of charge to the public.

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The ANSI-accredited SCTE Standards Program accelerates the deployment of new and improved technology.