Virtual learning that drives real results

CORTEX® VirtuLearn is here and is now part of SCTE training courses! 

CORTEX VirtuLearn is a revolutionary, interactive, multisensory ​training experience for today’s cable technical workforce.

SCTE is first in the industry to offer this 3D interactive training!

VirtuLearn enhances training efficiency and effectiveness in service installation, maintenance and troubleshooting for outside plant and at the headend, and more!

Increase your skills and knowledge—anytime, anywhere. See how CORTEX VirtuLearn from SCTE is an essential technical resource for training and on-the-job guidance.

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In as little as 10 minutes, learners get a clear and concise overview of course content to prepare their minds for training.


In-depth content presented at a pace that suits learners and provides them with knowledge of how and why.


Real life experiences in 3D-simulated environments that bridge the gap between eBook knowledge and actual application.

Witness the next step in simulated training, NetworkSim 2.0!.


Learners participate in a competitive series of fun mobile games that improve knowledge absorption and retention.


All SCTE online courses are also available for an instructor-led onsite Boot Camp

DOCSIS 3.1, FTTx, Wireless, and more! Bring any course to your location.