SCTE 187-1 2019 (R2024)

Stereoscopic 3D Formatting and Coding for Cable

This document defines the video-related formatting, and encoding parameters for high-definition frame-compatible stereoscopic 3D content for distribution on cable television systems. Encoding parameters and constraints defined by this specification can be applied to different content types, including broadcast programming, switched digital video (SDV), VOD content, and advertising content to be inserted into broadcast or VOD content.

This document defines only the specific parameters relevant to high-definition frame-compatible S3D content beyond what are already required and specified elsewhere for flat (2D) video content and signaling. Frame-compatible S3D programming will otherwise follow all standardized encoding and signaling practices except where specifically identified in this document. This document does not define a complete distribution method nor does it define all aspects of the cable system infrastructure that content encounters during distribution and playback.