Want to keep your career moving forward but don’t know which steps to take? SCTE has mapped it out for you. We’ve organized our course offerings into Learning Journeys that focus on industry-specific areas of expertise:

Field Technician

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Business Class

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Access Network

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Each journey is divided into three levels:


1. Fundamental

These courses will provide the required foundational knowledge and principles of a selected topic area. Often, no prerequisites are necessary.


2. Advanced

These courses explain the advanced principles of a topic area. Learners are recommended to have applicable industry experience or complete the fundamental courses.


3. Expert

The courses in this progression are intended to provide veteran employees with more advanced techniques and skills, along with the theories associated with them. The expert-level courses are recommended for those who have a comprehensive knowledge of the topics. Learners are advised to complete the fundamental and advanced levels prior to beginning this leg of the journey.

Follow the path that’s right for you — one that expands upon your current focus or one that takes you to the next level of your profession. You can even let your interest take you in an entirely new direction.

Grow your career and learn at the same time. Think of it as your own personal Learning Journey — and think of SCTE as your guide.

NOTE: If your company has a partnership with SCTE, you may have access to these courses. If the courses are not included — or your company does not have a partnership — you may need to purchase each of the courses separately.