ANSI/SCTE 136-1 2019

Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks for IP Cable Modem Systems

This standard describes requirements on both CMTSs and CMs in order to implement a DOCSIS Layer-2 Virtual Private Network (DOCSIS L2VPN) feature.

The L2VPN feature allows cable operators to offer a Layer 2 Transparent LAN Service (TLS) to commercial enterprises, which is one of the principal goals of the Business Services over DOCSIS (BSoD) initiative.

In order to speed time to market, [L2VPN-DG] offers guidelines to CMTS manufacturers as to how to phase the implementation of requirements defined in this standard. Phase designations are only applicable to CMTS products. Cable modems are expected to support all required L2VPN features in Phase 1.

The present document corresponds to and is the technical equivalent of the CableLabs CM-SP-L2VPN-I15-150528 [L2VPN-IP].